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Planning, Design, and Construction’s primary function is the project management of new projects, renovations, and additions on main campus grounds and buildings. Related to this, we offer a number of services to the campus, such as cost estimating, design assistance, interior design support, furniture reviews/recommendations, building document archiving and retrieval, grant support, and campus planning.




Minor Projects Requests

The button above links to the Minor Project Request Form. This form is web-based and must be filled out in its entirety to submit a new project request. Once submitted, it will route to UCF’s Office of Space Administration and Facilities & Business Operations for review and approval. Once all approvals are obtained, PDC will assign a Project Manager, who will contact you within 1 week of receiving the project to discuss the project’s scope and schedule.  Once approved, the project will be available for review in e-Builder.


Cost Estimates

To request a cost estimate, follow the Minor Project Request Process, and clearly list in your project description that a cost estimate is desired. While PDC will endeavor to provide accurate and reliable cost estimates, our estimates are usually based on partial information and are subject to change depending on scope adjustments and market conditions. PMS costs apply for all cost estimates.

Project Costs Archive


Design Assistance

PDC’s team of Architects, Engineers, and Interior Designers are eager to help you think through solutions to your project needs. We can bring creative thinking to your project, and work to meet your budget and schedule needs. To request our assistance, please submit a Minor Project Request using the link above, or reach out to Bill Martin through the contact information on our “About Us” page!


Interior Design Support

We have multiple interior designers who can assist with your interior planning and finish selection needs. We have established a set of pre-approved finishes that can quickly be reviewed with end users, or we can create custom designs for your space. To request our assistance, please submit a Minor Project Request using the link above, or reach out to Bill Martin through the contact information on our “About Us” page!


Furniture Reviews/Recommendations

Furniture purchases on the UCF campus are decentralized, the only furniture with specific requirements are for classrooms. Office, cubicle, conference room, and public space furniture can be purchased directly by departments. However, PDC and EH&S must review any furniture purchase that may trigger the need for a permit – in particular:

Click on the link below for the furniture review form. Please email this form to Michelle Embach,, for review and processing. Upon request, PDC can work with departments on furniture recommendations, to ensure you are purchasing durable and properly warrantied products.





Building Document Archiving and Retrieval

PDC is responsible for archiving all building related documents – floor plans, specifications, operations manuals, etc. Any UCF employee who needs access to this sensitive data must complete a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) and a FP-100 Document Request Form. Please email these document to our archivist John Settle,, who will process them for approval and provide you with access to your requested documents. All outside vendors must have a UCF sponsor with their document requests, as indicated on the FP-100 form.


Campus Planning

Part of PDC’s core planning function is to evaluate the long term growth plans of the university. PDC facilitates the development of the Campus Master Plan (CMP) every 5 years, in accordance with Board of Governor’s Regulations, and submits CMP updates when necessary to the Board of Trustees for their approval. PDC also works with the Facilities Budget Committee to prepare annual Capital Improvement Plans for BOT, BOG, and Florida Legislature approval.


Grant Support

PDC strongly supports the integration of research grants with facilities impacts. Often grants are pursued without consideration of equipment and infrastructure needs, ADA compliance, or even space considerations for equipment. Our department will gladly work with you to evaluate the space and infrastructure needs of your grant project, to help ensure that (upon award) it can be implemented smoothly.