UCF 2020-30 Campus Master Plan Step-By-Step

Campus planning and concurrency management in the State University System are governed by Chapter 1013.30, Florida Statutes. The Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulations, Chapter 21, detail further the requirements of university campus master plans. The University prepares, and the board of trustees adopts, a Campus Master Plan (CMP) update at least every 5 years. The CMP identifies general land uses, and addresses the need for and provision of roads, parking, public transportation, solid waste, drainage, sewer, potable water, and recreation and open space during the coming 10 years. The CMP requires coordination between universities and their host local governments. The CMP is required to have Elements relating to future land use, intergovernmental coordination, capital improvements, recreation and open space, general infrastructure, housing, and conservation. The CMP may contain optional Elements such as academic mission, academic program, utilities, public safety, architectural design, landscape design, or facilities maintenance.






UCF Element Leaders and Advisory Resources


Workshops February 19 and 22, 2019 (Element Leaders and Advisory Resources)


Campus Development Agreement Kickoff Meeting April 19, 2019

  • Handouts and Meeting Minutes (We also submitted a list of Elements to them, but later it was superseded, so we’ve not included it here)


Informal Information Session (aka Open House) May 15, 2019


First Public Hearing July 17, 2019


Review Period July 22-October 22, 2019

  • The draft Campus Master Plan was made available electronically on the Facilities Planning & Construction web page, and in print at the John C. Hitt Library; along with directions for commenting.


    Submit comments by email to: CampusMasterPlan@ucf.edu


    Submit comments by USPS to:


    UCF Campus Master Plan
    c/o Facilities Planning and Construction
    P.O. Box 163020
    Orlando, FL 32816-3020


  • We verified all of the review agencies contact information and asked how they wanted the Campus Master Plan delivered to them. They all wanted digital access, no hard copies.

  • 2020-30 CMP Review Agencies


Comments & Responses – November 6, 2019


Second Public Hearing and Adoption November 14, 2019


Notification of Adoption – November 14, 2019