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UCF Community Update - December 2017

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To represent the University of Central Florida Core Values within the Facilities Planning and Construction Department:

Integrity – to be honest and fair;
Scholarship – to create an exciting and safe campus environment to enhance student learning;
Community – to work with and be sensitive to our community neighbors and partners throughout the development of our campus and facilities;
Creativity – to design and construct facilities that embrace new technologies and allow flexibility for future growth and change;
Excellence – to provide the highest quality sustainable service throughout the design and construction phases of our projects.


The mission of the UCF Facilities Planning and Construction Department is:

to ensure that the quality of UCF’s physical environment supports the University’s standards in teaching, research, service, and campus life;
to excel in project delivery through leadership, integrity, passion, and excellent customer service;
to create an exciting and safe campus environment for UCF students, faculty, and staff to learn, teach, work, and play;
to minimize the life-cycle cost and environmental impact of UCF facilities while maximizing sustainable and maintainable standards; and
to maintain a departmental culture of respect and dignity where individuals are encouraged to lead, learn, and grow.

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The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of various projects. Not all projects listed are included in the adopted Campus Master Plan. Projects proposed for development that are not part of the Campus Master Plan may require an amendment with public participation.

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