Minor Projects General Information


AUTHORITY: In compliance with Board of Governor’s Regulation 14.020, the Facilities Planning and Construction (FP&C) Department is responsible for the administration of all campus projects – whether remodels, renovations, additions, or new construction.   The role of FP&C is to help assess the need for and provide physical facilities to support the academic, research, and service mission of the University.  FP&C can provide Design Services (Feasibility Studies, Space Planning and Analysis, Concept Design) when requested.  FP&C will also professionally manage Major and Minor Projects to ensure that they conform to UCF Standards, that all required permits are in place, and that final as-built conditions are properly documented.

PRIORITIES: FP&C manages a significant number of projects, and we have a number of internal procedures and steps to follow to ensure that projects are properly executed.  As projects are started, they are assigned a priority category, as described in the diagram at the right.  While we attempt to expedite all projects, ones with higher priority must be addressed first.  We highly encourage our Campus Clients to plan well in advance of when a project is needed in order to allow FP&C adequate time to properly execute your project.

SCHEDULE: It is very important to properly plan your project and submit a project request well in advance of when your project is needed. FP&C manages approximately 400 projects at any given time, and there are many steps to approving, scoping, designing, permitting, bidding, and constructing any project. Please see the sample schedule below which illustrates some of these steps. Small projects can often be constructed without the need for an Architect/Engineer to create signed/sealed drawings, however these are generally under $50,000 in construction cost and have no adjustments to life safety components.  More expensive (over $50,000) or complicated projects generally do require an Architect/Engineer’s involvement – see the EH&S website for additional clarification (http://www.ehs.ucf.edu/buildingcode/bcfaq.html).  Projects that have adjustments to a life safety component (changes to room layouts, egress, occupancy, sprinklers, exit signs, fire strobes, fire alarm) require permitting through the State Fire Marshal (SFM).  By statute, the SFM has up to 45 days to review drawing submissions.  Therefore, it is critical that these types of projects be submitted well before they are needed so that they can be properly designed, permitted, and constructed.  Below is a graphic illustrating the typical steps of a project and their average durations – these vary depending on the scope of a project so any project may take more or less time than what is illustrated below.  If A/E and SFM involvement is not needed, it will reduce the time to scope and bid your project.


FUNDING: Facilities and Safety, and FP&C, do not provide funding for Minor Projects.  All funding for projects must be provided by the requestor.  As part of your MP request, you must provide an account number for your project, and the budget amount that you have available to fund your project.  Sharing your available funding with FP&C is critical to the success of your project – without knowing the funding available for a project, it is impossible for us to know if your scope is achievable.  It is important to keep in mind that when you request modifications to a room, that the room must be brought up to code for the new use of the space – this often causes unanticipated costs, but they are a part of the project and must be funded by the requestor.  If you are unsure of the cost of your project, FP&C can assist in providing a rough estimate (at no added cost), or facilitate the services of a Construction Manager (CM) to provide a detailed cost estimate for the project (at minimal cost, $1,500 to $5,000 depending on project size and complexity).  In addition to the design and construction costs, all projects require BCO Permit Fees, SFM fees (if applicable), and Professional Management Services (PMS, a flat 2% of the design and construction value of the project).

A project start-up cost of $150 for projects without A/E or CM involvement, or $500 for projects with A/E or CM, will be required within 2 weeks of the start of your project – these costs will be credited toward the 2% PMS cost if the project moves forward. The only exception to this cost are Technology Fee projects – if you are submitting a Technology Fee project request, clearly list this in the description of your project.


MINOR PROJECT REQUEST FORM: Click the link above to access the Minor Project Request Form.  This form is for projects with a construction value of less than $2,000,000, and must be filled out in its entirety.  The requestor must certify that the Dean/Director approves the project and its cost prior to submission.  Once completed, the form must be emailed to UCF’s Office of Space Planning, Analysis & Administration (SPAA), who will review the form for allowable space type modifications.  If approved by SPAA, it will be forwarded to the FP&C Department for review.  All requests are reviewed every Thursday by the Facilities & Safety Directors.  If approved, the request will then be routed to the AVP for Facilities and Safety for final approval.  Once all approvals are obtained, FP&C will assign a Project Manager, who will contact you within 1 week of receiving the project to discuss the project’s scope and schedule.  The project is also entered into our Project Tracker Database (see link at the top left of the page), where its status can be reviewed by the requestor. All projects, no matter the size or complexity, must complete and submit with the minor project request form the “Planning Questionnaire for Proposed Processes”, which is at the link below. All required backup indicated on the form must be submitted with the questionnaire. Minor project requests without this information, or without required backup will be rejected.

CAMERA AND ACCESS CONTROL PROJECTS: Projects that exclusively add cameras or access control to facilities must be approved by the Office of Security Management (OSM) prior to processing by Facilities Planning and Construction. Please contact OSM directly for these requests using the contact information below. OSM will meet with you to discuss your request, help develop your project scope , offer suggestions for improvement, recommend product specifications, and work with third party vendors to establish a quote for the camera scope. Once approved by OSM, a minor project request can be submitted by the requester including the approval documents from OSM. Submit requests to the OSM Mailbox at osm@ucf.edu. For assistance with camera requests, contact - Jacob Hughey – 407-882-7115, jacob.hughey@ucf.edu; for access control assistance, contact Steven Freund at 407-882-7114, steven.freund@ucf.edu

ELECTRICAL PROJECTS: Requestors of projects containing ANY electrical systems alteration should be aware that electrical panels and support systems studies will be conducted of all panels and support systems effected by the Requestors project. Electrical projects require either a 30 day load study, a detailed electrical panel analysis, or recent existing building documentation that clearly shows adequate electrical capacity in order to determine electrical capacity for electrical additions. These studies may have a cost and time impact - the Requestor will be responsible for the cost of these electrical studies. The Requestor will be responsible for the cost of ANY upgrades that are required to the electrical systems should they not have the capacity to accommodate the project.

LAB PROJECTS: Requestors of Lab projects should take note of several items prior to submitting requests:

  • 100% of Lab Projects must be funded from the requesting department.  F&S does not provide funding for any part of projects.
  • Lab projects almost always require an Architect/Engineer to provide signed/sealed drawings for BCO and SFM review.  These drawings are a requirement for permit and are not optional.
  • The Architect/Engineer process takes considerable time to perform site visits, develop existing plans, develop the new scope, perform code reviews, document the project, review drawings, revise drawings, and permit these documents.  Requestors should plan in advance for this required time (see schedule above for minimum anticipated durations). 
  • Often a seemingly simple project – like adding an outlet for a piece of equipment – can turn into an expensive project if the space itself is not currently designed for the piece of equipment that outlet serves.  Many of our older buildings were not built to house today’s research, and these spaces must be brought up to code for necessary wall ratings, ventilation, power requirements, safety systems, and other items required to create a safe environment for this work.  These upgrades to the building infrastructure caused by new research must also be funded from the requesting department.

FURNITURE:  All furniture projects must be submitted to FP&C and EH&S for review prior to purchase. These do not require a Minor Project Request Form unless they are deemed to need a permit for installation, or unless they require an occupancy review by a licensed architect. Please submit the completed furniture review form to Ren Daelo, Renwick.Daelo@ucf.edu, he will walk them through the review process. Please see the following link to the furniture review form, and include all necessary documentation with your submission.



CANCELLATION: Projects with inactivity from a requestor for over 30 days will be cancelled.  These projects can be reactivated quickly once they are ready to proceed.  There is no cancellation fee for projects.