MOBILITY 2030 – Transportation Advisory Board

MOBILITY 2030 will engage all of UCF’s existing transportation-related departments, committees, and advocates to assure that transportation planning at UCF meets the needs of the entire campus community.


List of transportation-related departments, committees, and advocates


MOBILITY 2030 will facilitate transportation system improvements by:

  • Gathering, prioritizing, and coordinating improvements identified by existing transportation-related departments, committees, and advocates, members of MOBILITY 2030, and the UCF community.
  • Assessing and making recommendations for coordinating all modes of travel on campus – motor vehicles (cars, trucks), transit (shuttles, buses, autonomous vehicles), micro mobility (bicycles, scooters), and pedestrians.
  • Overseeing UCF roadways, including speed limits, lane widths, crosswalk locations/size, access-limitations, street names, traffic calming measures, crosswalks, signalization systems.
  • Planning and approval of wayfinding signage (permanent and temporary) and transportation signage (traffic, regulatory, parking, etc.), including standardization, appearance, signage requests, installation, removal, etc.
  • Provision of pedestrian circulation facilities and non-motorized circulation facilities required to meet university needs, including but not limited to additions and improvements to sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, bike paths, and associated signage, lighting, etc.
  • Coordination with the host local government and other local governments regarding transportation improvements in the off-campus context area.



Mobility 2030 Membership



Bill Martin, Co-Chair Director, Facilities Planning & Construction
Chris Kennedy, Co-Chair Director, Landscape & Natural Resources
Kris Singh or alternate Director, Parking & Transportation Services
Alberto Santoni or alternate Director, Facilities Operations
Carl Metzger or alternate UCF Police
Carl Kelly UCF Campus Planner
Hatem Abou-Senna Transportation Engineer, CECS and Orange County
RJ Mueller Cycling Advocate
Susan Hutson Board Manager (tie vote only)


ADVISORY RESOURCES, including but not limited to:

Faculty Senate Committee Chairs
Parking, Transportation & Safety Committee Ahmad Elshennawy
University Parking & Transportation Committee Terry Wheeler, Chair
University Master Planning Committee Patrick Bohlen, Chair
Student Government, Safety & Transportation Coordinator Emmett Davey or TBD
Sustainability Initiatives Dave Norvell
Facilities Operations Rick Catasus
Utilities & Engineering Services Gary Rudolph
Building Office Roy Johnston
Reliability & Engineering Bill Bartow
Environmental Health & Safety TBD
Compliance, Ethics, & Risk TBD


MOBILITY 2030 – agenda items (in order of receipt not priority)



MOBILITY 2030 – transportation-related departments, committees, and advocates


Several Departments Committees, and Advocates have a role in UCF transportation planning. Their roles are described briefly here.


MOBILITY 2030 – Meeting minutes