Electrical Contractor Shortlist Results

Electrical Contractors
Project Number: N/A
Description: Electrical Contractor
Managing Agency: UCF BOT
Location: UCF Main Campus, Orlando, Florida.

The Selection Committee met on February 8, 2022 to review the tabulated results and to rank the firms in the order of those most highly qualified to perform the required service. The Selection Committee has determined that the order of firms, based on qualifications, is:

  1. Ballentine Electric
  2. Boys Electrical Contractors
  3. Echo ED Corp
  4. Electric Service Group, LLC
  5. Archis Inc.
  6. CRESS LLC (The CRESS Company)
  7. Aireko Energy Group
  8. Maddox Electric
  9. Gemco Electric Inc.
  10. Siemens Industry, Inc.

Based on the tabulated results, the Selection Committee recommends a shortlist of the top eight firms.