Architect – Shortlist Results

Project Number: TBD
Description: Architects
Managing Agency: UCF BOT
Location: UCF Main Campus, Orlando, Florida.

Interviews will be held via ZOOM on June 29 and 30, 2020. The Selection Committee met on May 20, 2020 to review the tabulated results and to rank the firms in the order of those most highly qualified to perform the required service. Based on the tabulated results, the Selection Committee recommends a short-list of the top nine firms. The Selection Committee has determined that the order of firms, based on qualifications, is:

  1. SchenkelShultz Architecture
  2. DLR Group
  3. Long & Associates Architects/Engineers, Inc.
  4. RLF
  5. Baker Barrios Architects
  6. HuntonBrady
  7. KMF Architects
  8. Song + Associates, Inc.
  9. Walker Architects
  10. Straughn Trout Architects
  11. Rhodes+Brito Architects
  12. Zyscovich Architects
  13. Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
  14. Houseman Architecture, LLC
  15. The Lunz Group
  16. CPH
  17. Strollo Architects
  18. Raymond
  19. Forefront Architecture & Engineering LLC