Chemistry Renovation

The Chemistry building will undergo a comprehensive remodel/renovation, including the addition of multiple organic chemistry labs, the renovation of existing teaching labs, added egress stairs, expanded restrooms, the enclosure of outdoor circulation, and new mechanical and exhaust systems.


Estimated Start Date: September 2024
Target Completion Date: October 2025


Other Key Dates
This is an estimated timeline and subject to change.
September 2024: Work begins on east façade
November 2024: Work begins on main interior*
January 2025: Work begins on north façade*
February 2025: Work begins on west façade and roof*
January 2025: Work begins on courtyard* (includes demo and reno of first, second and third floors)
October 2025: Completion*


Scope of Work
Phase 1 – HVAC renovation (currently underway, scheduled completion September 2024)


Phase 2A
Full courtyard renovation/remodel
Adding three organic chemistry labs
Enclose levels two and three circulation


Phase 2B
Main building renovation