Staff Directory

Department/Title Name Phone E-mail
Office of the Director
Director Bill Martin 407-823-5270
Director, UCF Downtown Allen Bottorff 407-823-3392
Administration Coordination vacant 407-823-5270 TBD
Associate Director, Design Renwick Daelo 407-823-3233
Associate Director, Construction John Weaver 407-823-1599
Assistant Director, Planning Susan Hutson 407-823-3387
Planning, Design, and Construction Professional Management Services
Project Manager Trey Beck 407-823-2542
Project Manager Beverly Bell 407-823-0184
Project Manager Ben Fauser 407-823-0373
Project Manager Carla Getz 407-823-5205
Project Manager Walter Gordon 407-823-2579
Project Manager Christopher Harris 407-823-3438
Project Manager George Hayner Jr. 407-823-1577
Project Manager Carl Kelly 407-823-3599
Project Manager Bob Sharps 407-823-0677
Project Manager Maria Teimouri 407-823-3893
Project Manager Scott Werley 407-823-0480
Project Manager Jeremy Williamson 407-823-1776
Assistant Project Manager Michael Berrios 407-823-1064
Assistant Project Manager Joanne Toole 407-823-3601
Professional Management Services Support
Senior Project Assistant Cheryl Colvin 407-823-2058
Technology Coordinator Matthew Green 407-823-1789
Senior Project Assistant Christina Rogers 407-823-1109
Senior Engineering Technician Maritza Tibbetts 407-823-4215
Archivist John Settle 407-823-5297
Archiving Assistant Cameron Aguiar 407-823-5297
Intern Samantha Scime 407-823-4222
Intern Jared Grossi TBD
Intern Collin Jones TBD
Intern Corinna Lundgren 407-823-4220